Exercise on the Excel Diet

Please see a doctor before you start any exercise program. I'm not a doctor this isn't medical advice.

You can do any type of exercises that burns calories. Some important things to consider are:
  • How easy will it be to do the exercises
  • How likely you'll get hurt and be unable to exercise
  • How enjoyable the exercise is
  • How much of a habit you make the exercise

    Below are some things to help you:

    1. Heart Monitor
    2. Jump rope
    3. Dumb bells
    4. Heart Rate Monitor
    5. Body fat monitor
    6. Blood Pressure Tester
    7. Medicine Balls
    8. Excelcise Spreadsheet
    9. Gym Membership
    10. Exercise Partner
    11. Good Sneakers
    12. Step Counter
    13. Stop Watch
    14. Chin-up Bar
    15. Treadmill
    16. Exercise Bike
    17. Gloves
    18. Ear Muffs
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