How to Lose Weight?

To lose weight you must burn more calories than you take in.

If you're not losing weight then you must change what you're doing.

Here's my formula on how I'm doing it. Yours may be different.

Eating when above the line
  • 2 - 3 Atkins (low carb protein bars for breakfast, lunch and snack
  • Multi-vitamin and Fish oiil
  • No white foods (Milk, bread, pasta)
  • No junk foods
  • Salad and chicken for dinner
  • Don't buy junk food and don't keep it in your home
  • Stay away from salty foods

    Exercising when above the line
  • Walk 3 miles coming home from work
  • if I'm behind, add a 3 mile walk at lunch time (half hour out and back)
  • Play basketball or hockey
  • Lift weights

    Eating when below the line
  • Don't eat Atkin's bars
  • Don't have chicken or salad
  • Junk food is Ok but try not to binge
  • Pizza ok

    Exercising when below the line
  • Optional, if you've exercised a lot then take a break

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