Creating a viral Video

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0. Create a viral video as a Listi
1. Put together a marketing plan
2. Post to Facebook
3. Post to twitter
4. Post to Reddit
5. Post to Hacker news
6. Ask people you know to share it
7. Tweet it at well known people that could help
8. Email to bloggers that cover other viral videos of this type
9. Follow advice in this article
10. Try to get it to Mashable
11. Try to get it to Huffington post
12. Identify other places that if it's seen will go viral (Tosh, CNN, etc.)
13. Understand how the money flows
14. Get on Youtube front page
15. Try many things
16. Release video on Monday not on Weekend
17. Release on slow news day
18. Release when people are at the office
19. Figure out who has a stake in your video, these people can help you market, ask to share video
20. Video must be good
21. See Made to stick for ideas on making a good video
22. People share when they feel emotions. What emotions will your viewers feel?
23. Use awe, excitement, amusement, anger, anxiety
24. Tell a story, awkward to amazing
25. Make video shorter
26. What is the average length of viral videos?
27. Write a viral title. "Hey did you see the video of _______" the blank is your title
28. Controversy is good
29. Open as many doors with your 15 minutes of fame. What doors do you want to open?
30. Make sure media can get a hold of you. Link you blog, website and twitter from video
31. Have a way people can buy your content ready or whatever you want them to do
32. Do it on something you believe in
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