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Excel Tips (8)

1. To get rid of the crawling ants after you copy a cell press Esc
2. If your sheet/function isn't working, never say "It should work." Ask "What am I doing wrong?" & look until u find the problem
3. Alt = to do an autosum
4. Formula Auditing Mode Ctrl `. (to the left of the 1 key). Toggles off and on
5. If formulas aren't working, Calculation may be turned off. Press F9. Set in Options
6. Keep multiple versions of a spreadsheet so if current gets corrupted u cn go back to prev one.
7. To combine 2 cells so they appear as one use the Merge function while formatting. Ctrl 1, Alignment tab, Merge cells checkbox
8. Press Ctrl-K to add a hyperlink in a cell.