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Introduction to Microsoft Excel VBA

This website will teach you how to automate your Excel VBA code.??It will answer the questions:

? How to get an Excel program to run automatically even if you?re on vacation, in the hot tub?
? What do you need to do to manage the system?
? How to have Excel wait for an event to occur?
? What security issues do you need to be aware of when Excel is running?
? How to email results?
? How to run daily, weekly or monthly reports?

1. Windows
2. What is a spreadsheet?
3. How to learn Excel
4. Learning Excel
5. I Hate Excel
6. Examples then descriptions
7. What is automation?
8. Why automate Excel?
9. What are the benefits of automation?
10. What can you automate?
11. Automation Attitude
12. Steps to Automation
13. Prerequisites
14. Terminology
15. Excel as a calculator
16. Excel as a reporting tool
17. Excel as a data analyzer
18. Excel as a tracking tool
19. Excel as an Automation tool
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