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Getting Things Done - David Allen 650.1 A

1. Reminders of actions u must take and review regularly
2. Write down in a single sentence your intended successful outcome for this problem?
3. What wud hv to happen to check off project as done?
4. Write down very next physical action request 2 move situation forward?
5. If you had nothing to do in life but get closure on this what action would you take?
6. Clear outcome, Next action and reminder of both
7. Desired outcome and next action step?
8. Projects are overwhelming because you can't do them only an action related to it
9. Process
10. Organize
11. Planning Tool
12. Purpose
13. Principles - I wud gv others totally free reign to do this as long as they ________
14. Vission - You must have a clear picture in your mind what success would like, sound, feel
15. Create Clear Outcomes
16. identify your projects and manage your next action for each
17. Filing
18. Inbox
19. Categories to track
20. Look at your caledar first then your next actions
21. Weekly Review
22. Davidco