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1. Call to action
2. Compelling benefits
3. fascinating bullet points
4. magnetic headlines that gets attn immediately
5. Do > of what ur good @ & < of wht u h8
6. wht is ur powerful msg?
7. commuicate how fantastic ur pos is to ur customers
8. the > u tell t > u sell
9. content marketing
10. converting fans to cust
11. SEO copywriting
12. go from features to benefits
13. what does ur cust care abt? is it under ur radar?
14. what's ur winning difference?
15. well-structured content that conveys your authority
16. gets to the point without a lot of fluff or verbal clutter
17. customer-focused copy that clearly conveys valued benefits
18. know the difference between your and you’re
19. tone
20. subtle shades of meaning
21. copy structure
22. grammar and usage
23. Clunky, error-filled writing is a serious credibility killer
24. who is the customer you want to reach?
25. wht r the little details that will make your copy more interesting?