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  • Doing weekly status report where you need to account for your time
  • Being on time and prepared for meetings
  • Retaining and sharing knowledge on problems you've solved
  • Reducing interuptions by tracking
  • Difficulty of accurately tracking your time
  • Staying focused when you get interupted
  • Easily updating your todo list and selecting what to work on

    Time tracking, Alarms, Status reports,Preventing Lateness

    Use Cases
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    The original name I came up with was called PET which was an accronym Planning, Estimating, Tracking. I wanted to use time tracking to assist with estimating. One of the main reasons for working a lot of overtime is poor estimating.

    I dislike doing weekly status reports which I had to account for each hour I worked. The first big idea I had was that I could keep a todo list on a computer and use the list to track my time. By going to my todo list and selection an item, logging the date/time of this action I could better track my time.

    I then developed an Alarm system that would notify me. I came up with the idea of prep and travel alarms. These two alarms would be settable, which would notify me to start prepping for a task and when to leave to arrive at the meeting on time. In addition, the system would track your time automatically once you accepted the alarm.

    The system was also set up to minimize screen real-estate used by the application and keep you focused on what you were working on via the "Button Bar". The Button Bar was an On Top window that would show what you are currently working on and how long you've been working on the task.

    Each Button could be set up to perform time saving functions.

    Business model
    Never developed

    Underlying magic/technology
  • VB3 - current version
  • Foxpro - first version

    Marketing and sales
    Never Marketed

    I don't think anyone ever came up with a similar product. But some tools that use
  • Time slips
  • Microsoft Outlook

    Sole developer

    Projections and milestones
    Project currently lives on in

    Status and timeline
    This software isn't compatible with 64 bit CPUs or Windows 7.

    I am currently working on a version that runs in Microsoft Excel.

    I use the software every day and it is very useful to manage all the things you need to do as a software developer. Software does have an exeuctable which is embedded in a zip file that can be dowloaded here (3 Mb).
  • First version was developed using Microsoft FoxPro
  • Second version was developed using Microsoft VB3 2/4/2003
  • Current version in Microsoft Excel is currently under development.

    Summary and call to action

    TimeCreator 65 Page User Guide (PDF)
    Note: there is a bug in Google Chrome that may prevent you from viewing. Save and open locally or open via Internet Explorer

    Beneifits to me
  • Software taught me Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Software is underlying some code in
  • Tool actually does increase productvity
  • Makes it easier to follow up