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  • Hard to easily and quickly create an online list and or content
  • Maintaining and building web content is time consuming
  • Wiki's are hard to implement and use
  • Creating online lists isn't easy
  • No good system to help me manage the multiple tasks I have
  • No system to easily share information while I at home and at work
  • Sharing information with others isn't that easy
  • Maintaining content on multiple websites
  • Quickly updating a website

    Online Lists,Web lists,to do list, tada list,Checklists

    Use Cases
  • Create a list
  • Maintain a list
  • Import a list
  • Export a list
  • Undo deleted items in list
  • Reorg a list
  • Auto adjust count of items in a list
  • Create a sub-list
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Shuffle a list
  • Random selection from a list
  • Make a list public
  • Make a list private
  • Create a shortcut to a list
  • Embed YouTube content into a list
  • Beginner mode/Advanced mode
  • Navigate through a list
  • Keep a list sorted
  • Tweet a list
  • Add hyperlinks to a web page
  • Search

    Take any process that I do and make it easier with Listi. After joining Listi you can easily create web content that can be private (visible by only you) or public (visible to the internet).

    Listi works on a list paradigm. A list contains 3 parts:
  • Name
  • Comment
  • List Items

    Once an item in a list is created it can become a list itself.

    Business model
    The plan for is to attract users and build revenue via an advertising model. As users create online content, the ads will be seen by more and more users.

    A second method for income is to sell the code and allow a company to host the site internally.

    Underlying magic/technology

  • Developed using ASP, Microsoft Access, HTML, Javascript
  • Hosted by

    Marketing and sales

    Current marketing efforts have been limited due to the incompleteness of the website. Website is currently marketed for free via twitter. I create content with and then tweet it. If a user clicks the content, then the arrive at the home page where then can view the complete content or sign up as a user.

    May in the future use online advertising and publicity to attract attention to the site.

  • Tada list
  • Listiverse
  • Wiki
  • Google docs
  • Blogging tools (Blogger, WordPress)


    Projections and milestones


  • Determination of Beta content
  • Get 1st Beta user
  • Website Completed
  • 1st User created content
  • 10 users signed up
  • 1st Ad click
  • 10 ad clicks
  • First $1 in revenue
  • $100, $1000, $10,000, $100,000, $1,000,000 in revenue

    Status and timeline
  • Website is operation and in Alpha
  • Dec. 2011
      * Added Tables to Listi.Net comment field

    Summary and call to action
    Listi.Net will save you time and money

    not currently available

    Benefits to me
  • Learned to develop in ASP
  • Continuing the development of

  • Purchased domain Listi.Net on 08-Aug-10