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CNN as a Listi on 1/4/2012

1. Bachmann drops out; McCain endorses Romney
2. Bachmann decides to 'stand aside'
3. What's next?
4. Santorum's 'win'
5. Breaking down the Iowa vote
6. 5 things we learned from the caucuses
7. What Iowa means for Romney
8. Ticker: Paul calls rival 'chickenhawk'
9. Perry tweets: On to South Carolina
10. Romney: 'Mr. President, you failed'
11. Newt Gingrich a bust in Iowa?
12. Gingrich speaks in N.H.
13. Evangelicals splinter
14. 'Born-Again Myth'
15. Opinion: GOP under siege
16. GOP's soul
17. Readers: 10 ideas to improve voting
18. Iran says U.S. causing 'mayhem' in Gulf
19. Syrian rebels plan 'huge operations'
20. Record cold in Florida, heat in Montana
21. Armed Texas 8th-grader killed by police
22. Yahoo taps PayPal chief as new CEO
23. Soldier makes trip home on foot
24. Bus collides with street sweeper
25. Sports' most scandalous year ever?
26. This Just In: CNN's news blog
27. Gotta Watch: After dark in Iowa
28. Red Chair interview
29. Santorum feels like Rocky Balboa
30. 'Fear the vest': Sweaters go viral
31. Why richest nation hosts Taliban talks
32. Alleged abuse sparks flip-flop protest
33. Dead fish mystery on Norway beach
34. Texting can be harmful to health
35. Why I'm thankful for George Takei
36. Nick Cannon suffers kidney failure
37. View more friends' activity
38. Armed eighth-grader shot, killed by police
39. Iran sees 'mayhem' over U.S. warships in Gulf
40. Bachmann ends GOP presidential bid
41. GOP race shifts to New Hampshire
42. Explore the news with NewsPulse»
43. JKUSA: Cain on his future
44. Dr. Drew: Phillips on decluttering
45. Nancy Grace: Friend remembers ranger
46. Situation Room: Fear Iran?
47. I.D.E.A.: Christy Turlington Burns
48. Situation Room: Foreign policy
49. Connect the World: Jihadists in Libya?
50. JKUSA: Kucinich's political fight
51. Newsroom: Verizon's $2 fee
52. Showbiz: The buzz
53. JKUSA: U.S. selling combat jets
54. Connect the World: Arab Leagues
55. Situation Room: Clinton, Biden roles
56. Newsroom: Gunman's 911 call
57. HLN: Perry, Brand split?
58. Showbiz: Justin Bieber, other news
59. JKUSA: Gary Johnson for prez?
60. Situation Room: The Romneys
61. Day of extremes in U.S. weather
62. Watch one Iowa caucus count votes
63. NYPD ejects Grand Central Occupier
64. Arrest may be L.A. arson motive
65. Where is the black middle class?
66. Photos: Rose Parade comes to life
67. Sickle cell stops pro player from game
68. Arab League head to get Syria briefing
69. Iran: U.S. ships in Gulf cause 'mayhem'
70. Racially charged London murder case ends
71. Security Clearance: Pakistan ready for a reset?
72. 'Lost boy' hopes for nation
73. Myanmar cuts sentences for independence day
74. 5 global stories to watch in 2012
75. Bachmann suspends campaign
76. Perry tweets: On to South Carolina
77. Romney defends on DREAM Act
78. Paul: Gingrich a 'chickenhawk'
79. 5 things we learned from Iowa
80. Narrow loss a big win for Santorum
81. What Iowa means for Obama
82. New 'Celeb Apprentice' cast
83. Black Keys slam Nickelback
84. Franco to publish first novel
85. 'House' gig for 'Friday Night' alum
86. Inside Frances Bean's love
87. 'X Factor' winner signs deal
88. Tyler talks monogamy
89. Tax Day is April 17 this year
90. Kodak plunges on bankruptcy talk
91. Stocks claw back in quiet trading
92. Boeing to close Kansas plant
93. Milk futures: Better than gold
94. Google's 'evil' milestone
95. Obama vs. GOP on consumer chief
96. Could Chrome overtake IE?
97. Social media resolutions for 2012
98. Comparing the GOP candidates online
99. Murdoch following fake Twitter feed
100. Five Web behaviors to drop in 2012
101. World's largest OLED TV coming
102. The top gaming stories of 2011
103. Planet's best unearthly landscapes
104. Law to speed screening of military
105. Airfare sales may stave off blues
106. Cops: Plane cleaner swiped booze
107. Pals in fun places? Be a good guest
108. Our favorite travel snapshots of 2011
109. Today's photo: Akranes, Iceland
110. Living and Eatocracy
111. Why I'm thankful for George Takei
112. Wines for ... National Bird Day?
113. Loose meat - an Iowa tradition
114. 'Conan's' favorite nerd geeks out
115. The psychology of resolutions
116. Why we need to let kids be creative
117. My husband, the perfect mom
118. Why Romney as front-runner is nuts
119. Santorum's momentum
120. Fight for GOP's soul
121. A good night for Romney
122. Thank you, Iowa
123. Syria and U.S. options
124. Voting on Tuesdays is obsolete
125. Cancer deaths lower, but not enough
126. U.S. News ranks best diets for 2012
127. Playtime for preschoolers essential
128. Too little protein, too much body fat?
129. Santorum takes on new EPA rule
130. Spinal tap may predict Alzheimer's
131. Brain implant treats mental illness
132. NFL power rankings, playoff edition
133. When sports were pure and simple
134. Orange Bowl: Let the wildness begin
135. The next unknown NFL playoff hero?
136. NBA power rankings: Who's No. 1
137. Falling star admits: I was desperate
138. Is Kobe getting too much freedom?
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145. Mario Lopez is engaged!
146. Eva Longoria: I was unhealthy and too thin
147. It's official: Michele's out
148. Next up: New Hampshire!
149. Wife killed over Facebook post?
150. Dating sites to get your love on in 2012
151. Mom hides $7M lotto ticket
152. CNN TV Schedule
153. CNN TV
154. The race for New Hampshire
155. Sheriff on girl's murder
156. Rick Santorum on JK, USA
157. Hot topics
158. Iowa Caucuses
159. Mitt Romney
160. Rick Santorum
161. Michele Bachmann
162. Winter Weather
163. North Korea