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How to get your point Across in 30 Seconds

Book by Milo Frank

How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds

Ineffective communication causes:
? employee can?t get raise or promotion
? Boss loses cooperation of his employees
? Salesman doesn?t make the sale

Make your point in 30 seconds whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours

Why 30 Seconds:
? Time Constraint
? Attention Span

I Want The Goal
What you want?
The destination
The end view
The target
What do you want to achieve?
Is your objective unclear?
Is your objective mixed?
Why am I going there?
What do I want to achieve?
Why do I want to have that conversation?
What do I want to write that letter?
Why do I want to meet this person?
Why do I want that interview?
Why do I want  to address this meeting?
Is objective clear cut and specific?
Who?s Listening What does your listener want?

What do you know about the person?  Background? Interests? Hobbies? Profession? What responsibilities does he have?
Is there common ground?
Is he strong and secure in the job he holds?
How much authority does he have?
Is he a beauracrat?
Is he touchy about particular areas of here business?
Is he shy or outgoing?
Does he have a sense of humor?

Who can give me what I want?
Go to person who can get it done

Determine what you want? To leave lessons I?ve learned to my children so they don?t make the same mistakes I?ve made and learn from my past.

My objective is to write a book that teaches the boys lessons I?ve learned so they don?t have to make the same mistakes as I?ve made.

Who?s Listening? Determine who can give you what you want?
Learn all you can about the person?
Know what the person wants from you.
What are the persons needs and interests? What does this person want from me?
What might that person be thinking?
He wants ?
Approach What single thought or sentence will lead you to what you want
What is your premise?
What is your root?
What is your idea?
What is your concept?
What is your focus?
What is your driving force?
What is your strategy?
What is your game plan?
What is the theme of your message
What am I talking about?
What?s the basis of my game plan?
What?s the heart of what I will say?
What?s the single best statement that will lead me to what I want?
Can I comfortabley build a case around this statement?
What other vital statements will fit within or relate to this one
Will this relate to the needs and interests of my listener?
Choose only one approach
State your clear-cut right approach in a single sentence is a guarantee against forgetting what you?re talking about
It is simple and direct and keeps you on track toward achieving your objective
The Hook Gets attention
What?s the most unusual part of your subject? Can you reduce it to one sentence?
What?s the most interesting and exciting part of your subject? Can you reduce it to one sentence?
What?s the most dramatic part?
What?s the most humorous part?
Does the hook lead to your objective?
Does the hook relate to your listener
Does the hook relate to your approach?
Will the hook create interest or excite your listener?
Can the hook be the first sentence in your 30 second message?
Can you pose your hook as a question
Subject What am I talking about?
What is involved?
Where is it?
When is it?
Why is it?
How do I do it?
Do they reinforce and/or explain my objective?
Do they relate to my listener?
Do they correspond to my approach?
Explain the point you want to make.
Answer the question you have asked
Describe the job you want done.
What, who, where, when, why, how
Closing Ask for it
What do I want from my listener?
Can you ask someone to perform a specific action within a specific time frame?
Reaction close. Best chance is to ask indirectly

Paint a picture
? Paint a picture that your listener will remember
? Listener should understand the words
? Should relate to your own and your listeners personal experience
? Should reach your listener?s heart
? Use descriptive words
? Use a personal story
? Reach the listeners heart

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