Questions to help you reach your #goals

1. Where ar you going?
2. Where do you want to go?
3. Whats the next stop?
4. What's the next step?
5. Where have you failed to go?
6. Why are you where you are?
7. Where are you?
8. What projects have you started and not finished?
9. Why?
10. What do you like/dislike doing?
11. What would you change if you could?
12. What is changeable?
13. What habits would you like to create/break?
14. What are you procrastinating?
15. Do you have a compass that shows you if you're heading in the right direction?
16. Do you know your destination?
17. Why haven't you reached your destination?
18. Do you have a map?
19. What will you put into the GPS to tell where you are and your destination?
20. If you reached your goals what would you do?
21. What are the habits that will help you reach your goals?
22. What have you accomplished this year?
23. What are your accomplishments by month/year/decade?
24. What do you want to accomplish in your life?
25. How much time do you have left, it's limited?
26. What if you never accomplish this goal?
27. Assume you've reached your goal. Describe it in vivid detail
28. Does this goal take 20% of your time and give you 80% of the result you want?
29. What is the order to the goals you want to reach?
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