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Download latest version of Time-Creator

This is an early Alpha version of Time-creator. It is hard to use right now but extremely useful. It will be worth your time to learn to use it. I use this product at work and home every day and I will say it's pretty cool.

I'll be posting some videos on how to use this version. I'll also be updating the software to be more usable.

This version is the Minimum Viable Product or MVP. I appreciate all feedback whether positive or negative, but especially the negative as it will help me improve the product.

This version is free and Copyright by Kravatz, Inc. 2012. All Rights Reserved.

To download the latest version of Time-creator right-click over the link and press SaveAs.

This version is compatible with Excel 2007 and 2010. If you're interested in running a version in Excel 2000 or 2003 drop me an email at and if I get enough demand I'll try to create a version for these platforms.

Download by right-clicking and select SaveAs Time-Creator for Excel 2007 or 2010

If you can't download XLSM type files you can try the Zipped Version of Time-Creator.

By downloading this software you agree to the following:
  • This is alpha software, it will be hard to use, may not work on your computer
  • Not selling the software
  • Not reverse engineering the software
  • Not competing in any time tracking, goal setting or informational access type software
  • Hold the developers harmless for any issues you have

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