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Help you reach your Goals

How does Time-Creator help you reach your goals?

The first way is through the Goal Sheet

You can enter your goals here. It's so quick to access. Future version will assist you with defining your goals.
  • Too many goals
  • Goals that need to be broken down to sub-goals
  • Plan to reach goal
  • Habits to reach goal
  • Identifying your true goals

    Current sheet supports the following fields but you can customize it to your own needs:
  • Goal
  • Priority
  • Measurement
  • Value
  • Goal Value
  • Status
  • Next step
  • Obstacle
  • Times thought about
  • Stop Loss
  • FTAD
  • Code
  • Main Goal
  • Description
  • Plan
  • Obstacles in the way
  • Value
  • Due date
  • Days left
  • Effort
  • Notes
  • Habits
  • Do
  • Measure
  • Adjust
  • Where
  • How far did I get
  • Who could help

    Pressing Ctrl+Shift+G or the goals button from ribbon from the ribbon will bring you to your goals sheet, so you can spend time listing them. Just putting them down in writing can be helpful. But now you have them in one easy to access place.

    Once you have your goals down you can randomly select (Crtl+Shift+R) one to work towards if you can't decide or just add a priority to the list.

    Button Bar

    I've defined a button on the Button bar to go straight to you goals sheet.


    Set up a reminder each day to work on your goals and automatically bring up your Goals Sheet.


    Use the system to track your progress or lack of progress to your goal. For example create a Weight tracking sheet and track and graph your progress.


    Identify habits that are preventing you from reaching a specific goal and set a reminder to tell you to stop or start doing something.


    Identify obstacles that are in the way and add them as tasks to your to-do list.

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