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My Bucket List

1. Fly a helicopter
2. Fly an airplane
3. Score a hat trick in a league hockey game
4. Have a grandchild
5. Have dinner with a famous person
6. Get a book published
7. Visit the South Pole
8. Visit Iceland
9. Ride a bicycle across the US
10. Get Married
11. Have children
12. Get something patented
13. Meet Tim Ferriss
14. Visit every state in the US
15. Coach a hockey team to a championship
16. Win a hockey championship in a league
17. Help someone overcome their fear of dogs
18. Teach an Excel class
19. Be Weightless in Space
20. Visit Israel
21. Play Ice Hockey at Nassau Colliseum
22. Live to 100
23. Juggle 5 balls 10 times in a row
24. Hit a fungo home run at a little league baseball stadium
25. Stop on left side with ice skates
26. Spray ice when stopping above boards
27. Kick a field goal
28. Develop a droid app
29. Get a twitter verified account
30. Get a twitter verified account
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