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169 Keys to Success and How to Achieve Success

This list contains what I believe are the keys to success, but having success will not guarantee happiness. To be happy checkout the Happiness Formula.

I consider myself successful. These are some of the qualities I've used to achieve success and have found in other successful people. Some are from sports, especially ice hockey, which I feel can be used for life success others from dieting and others from the work place.

Here are some of the successes I've achieved.

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How many of the qualities below do you have?
1. Determination or Never giving up
2. Problem Acceptance
3. Work-arounds
4. Failing
5. Patience
6. Learning
7. Solving root cause problems
8. Testing
9. Measuring
10. Loving what you do
11. Focusing
12. Networking
13.Helping Others
14.Respecting the alpha-male
15.Following up
16. Practicing
18.Having a backup plan
19.Sales and Marketing
20.Working long hours
21.Getting others to help you in your weak areas
22.Balancing your time
24.Meeting Deadlines
25. Being an Expert in your field
26.Treating everyone like a customer and giving great Customer Service
27.Managing your suppliers and customers
28.Staying within you means
29.Leveraging your strengths
30.Finding solutions not just problems
32.Keeping your head up
35.Having a Good process that works if you aren't there
36.Excellent hiring and retention practices
37.Finishing what you start and not starting what you won't finish
38.Practicing the 80/20 rule(link)
39.Learning from your mistakes
40.Reducing distractions
41.Working on your MIT (Most Important Task)
42.Admitting when you make a mistake
43.Training new hires properly
44.Time Management
45.Make a good first impression (confirmation bias)
46.Fire quickly and hire slowly
47.Using your intuition
48.Knowing about office politics on the job
49.Keeping you eye on the ball
50.Investing in productivity/tools
52.Performing a competitive analysis
55.Taking Smart Risks
56.Avoiding becoming a commodity
57.Dinosaur Prevention
58.Habit breaking and creating
59.FTAD - Finish The Add Details
60. Being curious
61.Paying attn to your competition
62.Figuring things out yourself
63.Deceive your competition (fake your intentions)
64.Defense before offense
65.Taking things apart
66.Good math skills
67.Having fun
68. Presentation
70.Doing or Taking Action
71.Being first to market
72.Being liked
74. Speed
77.Being in better shape
79.Correct equipment/tools
80.Best employees/team members
81.Know what you want to do and stick with it
82.Create a directory, and get link backs
83.Create a newsletter
84. Practice as close to game situations as you can
86.Using Momentum
87.Identifying Benefits of your product or service not just features
88.Having great systems and procedures
90.Always Learning
92.Accurate Estimations
93.Working the system
94.Being good at Office politics
96. Not just starring at the puck
97.Knowing your progress
98. Appearance
100.Asking for help
101.Not panicking
102.Use a tool like Outlook to set up meetings to get responses from people
103.Knowing how to monetize things
104.Don't say "I can't", say "I can't yet"
105.Arriving at meetings/appointments without rushing
106.Getting a good night's sleep
107.MTB - Market then Build
108.Always working on their MIT (Most Important Task)
109.Force competition to their weakness
110.Defend against the most dangerous player
111.Pay attention to details - From John Wooden
112.Good at Negotiating
113.Cut their losses
114.Know their limits
115.Are smart enough to know that they're not that smart
116.Taking Consistent Daily Action
117.Success depends on the support of other people {motb}
118.Think right towards people {motb}
119. Being likable {motb}
120.Exceed expectations
121.Looking for reasons for how you can instead of reasons for why you can't
122.Can't change the past, learn from it. Don't worry about future, live in the present
123.Learning from the past
124.Not making excuses for your failures but learning from them
125. Making use of your natural talents
126. 10,000 hour rule
127. Regression Testing
128.High self-belief leads to high success - Jeffrey Gitomer
130.Doing the right thing at the right time
131.Making adjustments to changing situation
132.Use your energy to get to know and understand other people's needs
133.Finding consumers or businesses needs
134. Get Ahead at #Work on the #Job by Gaming the System
135.Focusing and executing your plan
136.Avoiding Perfectionism
137.Intelectual Property
138.Stopping and changing direction
139.Moving quickly when you start
140.Being quick to change when what you're doing isn't working
141.Doing less but delivering more
142.Not forgetting/remembering things
143.Doing small tasks ahead of large tasks
144.Overcomming Obstacles
145.Say Thank You
146.Asking good questions and answering them
147.Be Proactive. Look for potential issues before they occur.
148.Being clean and organized
149.Project plan
155.Problem solving
158.Review focus
163.Customer service
167.Not forgetting
168.Low hanging fruit
169.Not dropping the ball
171.Lack of fear
173. Leadership
174.Focusing on one idea instead of working on too many ideas at the same time
175.The 48 Laws of Power
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