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141 #Cool things to do with #Google

A list of cool things to do with Google. Please let me know if I'm missing anything.
1. View the CSS and HTML for element on Page via Google Chrome Browser
2.Google Demo Slam
3.Google ngram viewer - site
4.Learn about a Google Chrome Laptop
5.Search quicker and better on Google
6.Remove content from Google
7.Google Mobile
8.Google Apps
9.Install the Google Browser (Chrome)
10.Play Pacman
11.Google Alerts - be alerted by email when something you're interested appears on the web
13.Send and Receive email (Google Mail)
14. What's hot on the internet (Google Trends) -
15.Create a Website
16.Google Earth
17.Google Desktop - brings google search to your desktop
18.Google Code - For sofware developers
19.Google Translate
20.Google Home Page
21.Advertise your business on Google (Adwords)
22.Put Google Ads on your website and Make $ (Adsense)
23.Create Apps for the Android (Google App Engine)
24.The latest things that Google is working on (Google Labs)
25.Write a Blog (Blogger)
26.Optimize Your Website
27.Google Keyword Tool - find cost to advertise a keyword
28.Google Affiliate Network
29.Google Books
30.Google Buzz
31.Google Biking Directions
32.Google's Blog
33.Google's non-profit work
34.Google Voice
35.Google Calendar
36.Google Checkout/Google Wallet
37.Get a job at Google
38.Google TV
39.Add your website to Google
40.Submit your content to Google
41.Google Toolbar
42.Google Docs
43.Get Directions
44.See a street level view of the world (Google Street View)
45.Google Maps API
46. Spell Check from Google
47.Search Google and Bing at the same time
48.Google Finance
49.Google Font Directory
50.Create Online Forms
51.Google Groups
52.Google Goggles - Use pictures to search the web from your phone
53.Google Gears
54.Increase traffic to your website
55.Google Apps for Business (Postini)
56.Get Free ads from Google for your non-profit
57.C++ Testing Framework
58.Google's Browser (Chrome) - Download
59.Google Query Language (GQL)
60.Go to Google Code University
61.Google Maps Navigation
62.How gzip compression works
63.Make your website run faster
64.Google Opensource
65.Learn what the Googlebot is
66.Google Web toolkit
67.View your Google search history
68.Get a free website
69.Advanced Image Search
70.Learn about Google Instant
71.Google Insights
72.Instant message your friends (Google Talk)
73.View Videos (You tube)
74.Share your product ideas with Google
75.Gmail tasks - Todo List
76.Google Libraries API - Developer's Guide
77.Google Traffic Estimator
78.Encrypted Search
79.See where your friends are on their mobile phone
80.Claim your business listing on Google (Google Places)
81.Search Legal Opinions (Google Scholar)
82.Google Founders Letters
83.Google Local Search API
84.Win $30 million by sending a spaceship to the moon
85.Make Google your Home Page
86.Google Book Store
87.Find out what movies are playing near you
88.Google Mars
89.Become a Google Intern
90.Google Moderator - submit ideas, vote ?
91.Google Merchants
92.Search Patents
93.Buy Products
94.Google Pictures
95.Preventing Comment Spam on your website
96.Google Picasa - photo editing and sharing
97.Google Pirate
98.Google Webmaster Central
99.Contact Google
100.Google Business Solutions
101.Your privacy on Google
102.Google drawing docs
103.Google Power Meter
104.Google Finance Portfolio
105.Google Reader Play
106.Which websites attract your target customers - Google Adplanner
107.Get certified as an adwords expert
108.Adwords certification learning center
109.Set up you profile (Google profile)
110.Google Priority Inbox
111.Create a proxy server
112.Google Public Data Explorer
113.Google Public DNS
114.Google Lookup function
115.Google Public Policy Blog
116.Learn Python programming Language
117.Browse the web Incognito
118.Google Search Appliance (GSA)
119.Google Commerce Search - designed specifically with online retailers in mind.
120.Google Self Driving Car
121.Opt out of Google targeted ads
122.You Tube Trends
123.Google Recipe Search
124.Play the Guitar
125.Google Drive
126.Become a Google Trusted Store
127.Google Logos or Doodles
128.Google Products
129.Google Enterprise Labs
130.Upload Videos
131.Google Play
132. Google's Discontinued Projects
133.Pause your Google Web History
134.Google URL Shortener
135.Google Mail
136. Embed a Google custom #map to your #website
137.Google Places API
138.Google Places Autocomplete
139.Distance Matrix API
140.Google Lattitude
141.Google Streetview API
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