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Random is Good

In the mid 80s I developed software on my Atari 800 computer that selected Random Albums.

This was before the iPod. I found that random was better than my choice. I would buy an album (this was before Apple had its music monopoly) and listen to it exclusively. Eventually I would tire of it and buy a new album and repeat.

By randomly selecting from my record collection, the software would pick albums that I hadn't listened to in while. After listening I was happy that the software selected it.

It occurred to me that Random is Good. Often we get into habits that adding a little randomness to will make it more interesting. You could even break out of slumps or any habits that you have by adding a little randomness to. Randomness is useful if:
  • You can't make a decision and are wasting time. Make a list and randomly select what to do
  • You're procrastinating on a number of tasks
  • Use random words to help you if you have a creative block
  • Whenever you have too many of something, use randomness
  • Make a list of things you fear to do and select a random one and do it
  • Look at a random article in Wikipedia
  • Make a list of random fun things to do, select and do.
  • Make a list of things that will help you improve your health, select and do.
  • Make a list of exercises to do, select and do.

    You can use to make lists and randomly select items.
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