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17 ways to pass gas

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1.SBD - Silent But Deadly
2.Earthquake fart - the room is shaking
3.High C fart - sounds like you're playing an instrument
4.Walking fart - a new pass with every step
5.Muffled fart - let it out slow and no one hears it
6.Sneeze and fart - you tried, but sending projectiles out your mouth at 120 mph, you lost control
7.Egg fart - no, an egg doesn't come out, the smell
8.Locker room fart - you're so cool you have gas
9.Fart and Shard - you're undies were old anyway, time for the garbage
10.Dog Fart - he just doesn't care
11.Urinal Fart - You're peeing and you figure you're in the bathroom anyway
12.Drum fart - sounds like you're playing the drums, they're fast and furious
13.Exercise Fart - you're doing those crunches and boom
14.Accusation Fart - you're accused of passing the gas, but it wasn't you
15.Google Fart - not a real fart you just go to Google and search for the word
16.Gurgling fart
17.Explosion fart
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