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Learn your bosses' unwritten rules

Your boss has many unwritten rules. These are rules you'll learn from comments, body language and their actions. They will not be written down anywhere. Here is a list I've identified from bosses I've had:
1.Don't surf the internet at work
2.Don't work from home
3.Don't miss a deadline
4.Don't ask for a promotion because you won't get one
5.Don't remind me that you're smarter than me
6.Don't bother me I'm busy
7.Don't say no
8.Don't expect any kind of career development from me
9.I won't get back to you unless u ask me 3 times
10.Don't expect me to prioritize your work for you
11.I'll hire unqualified women if they are pretty
12.Don't make a mistake, because if you do, you should have known it
13.Get into work before your boss and leave after them
14.Don't miss or be late for meetings
15.Test your work
16.Don't ask stupid questions to people outside our group
17.Don't just know the surface issues learn about the details on your own time
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