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67 Rude Things People Do

This is just the start of a list of the rude things people do. Please add a comment if I missed any.

The main categories are noises, smells, crowding and blocking.

Remember that courtesy is contagious. Be nice to people and it will come back to you.

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1.Someone takes a dump and doesn't flush it
2.Has a noise or beep on their cell phone so I hear a chirp each time they get a text message
3.Let their phone ring, and it rings some loud annoying song and they don't turn off the sound until after they see who's calling
4.Blocking your way on an escalator and not staying to the right if they're not walking up
5.Walk and look at their cell phones and almost bump into you, you have to jump out of their way
6.Talk to loud on their cell phone on the train
7.Not make room for you when you sit next to them on the train, they take up part of your seat
8.Invite everyone out for drinks except for you right in front of you
9.Eat smelly foods on the train or at their desk
10.Make you wait behind them at the cash register while they fumble for their change
11.Have their computer speaker on so that each time they do something their computer makes a little beep
12.Park their car in two spots
13.You're getting on the highway and they're getting off so they cut in front of you instead of letting you get on
14.Drive too slow in the fast lane
15.Spitting gum into a urinal
16.Pissing on toilet seat because they didn't lift it
17.Sitting on subway and not giving your seat to a pregnant or elderly person
18.Cutting you off when going to checkout counter in supermarket so they can get there first
19.Jumping a line of people
20.Using up the last roll of toilet paper or last soap and not restocking it for next person
21.Play music too loud through their headphones so you still hear it
22.Don't say Thank you. I pick up something someone drops and they don't say the magic words
23.Using your speaker phone in a multi-person office even to just dial
24.Double park their car so you can't get out
25.Park their car in your driveway
26.Not doing a courtesy flush in the rest room
27.Filing nails on train
28.Clipping nails in public
29.Putting on nail polish on train
30.Coworkers talk in a foreign language in front of me at work
31.cough without covering their mouth
32.Put their food in bathroom sink and don't clean it out
33.Leave their desk but not pushing their chair back in. HTF is someone supposed to get by?
34.Sticking their foot in your face while crossing their legs
35.Lining the toilet seat with paper and leaving it on the seat for you to dispose of
36.Sitting on an empty beach and a group of people come and sit 2 feet away from you
37.Talk on the phone or in person and don't give you a chance to speak
38.Cars rolling into the crosswalk while the light is still red so they get to where they're going
39.Refuse to move their bag on a seat of a crowded train so you have to stand
40.Burping or farting in public
41.Hit you with their bag while walking through the train
42.Person sprays Binaca in their mouth on #train and I get a wif of it
43.Putting Purell on your hands on the train, then coughing and not covering your mouth
44.A coworker says hello to another coworker I'm with but not to me
45.Using cell phone on an elevator
46.Using cell phone in public bathroom
47.Walk in a revolving door and not push it so you can push it for them
48.Sneeze without covering their mouth
49.Yelling at you at work
50.Neighbor lets their dog out and he barks for hours and then growls at me when I'm near
51.A dog owner's dog growl's at you and they don't apologize or correct the dog
52.Sitting at an empty movie theater right in front of someone else
53.Not being outside at their school bus stop so you have to wait for them to get on the bus while in your car
54.Carrying a beach size umbrella in NYC in the rain
55.Red-zone Dog charges at you from behind low fence or from inside house and owner allows it
56.Dog lunges at you and owner doesn't correct the dog
57.Driver leaves there car running near you so you have to breath in the carbon monoxide
58.While dropping people off at movie theater driver comes on wrong side of road and shines their brights at you
59.Free newspaper guy sticks the paper in your path so you have jump away to avoid it
60.Person uses bathroom on train but doesn't close door after leaving it
61.Person waits in their parked car while you wait for them to pull out
62.Blocking the subway train so people can't get off
63.Not saying "Thank you," when you hold a door for them
64.Jumping ahead of others on a line
65. Many empty urinals and person goes to urinal right next to you
66.Guy stops elevator door from closing when an inch left
67.Coworker doesn't hold door for me or say good morning
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