Cool Things about Listi [ctal] (29)

1.Filtering and sorting is cool
2.(#cnt) variable that automatically counts number of items in list
3.Shortcuts are cool
4.sublists are cool
5.twnnnn command is cool
6. Add to list via shortcut is cool
7.Auto date updating of "d" shortcut
8.#rand( nnnn) is cool
9.#first( nnnn) is cool
10.creating links via xxxxx,http....
11.Creating links via xxxxxxxx<
12.Time automatically included in tracking list
13.Undo a deletion
14.Use html to format stuff
15.Have a website use lists like
16.inbox is cool
17.Shows what you're working on and how long
18.Change many
19.Ability to create a new webpatge from any item in a list
20.Making a list public or private
21.Able to add to a list from a shortcut
22.Track what you're working on
23.#next(nnnnn) is cool
24.Add to top of a list is cool
25.Keep a sorted list
26.embedded tags are hidden but can be used for filtering <tag>
27.Limiting the number of items in a list
28.Email addresses obscured, less likely to receive spam
29.If #cnt is used and filtered the system displays number of items shown
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