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141 Top Questions on Excel

By category: Date
1. I'm getting message "This workbook contains one or more links that cannot be updated". How do I resolve this?
2. What do I need to know before using Excel? (Terms, Window concepts, File structure, mouse usage)
3. How to speed up or optimize slow Excel VBA sheet?
4. How to suppress the popup message in Excel?
5. How to find external links in Excel Spreadsheet?
6. What is causing #REF error in Excel Spreadsheet?
7.Why isn't VLookup Working? (numbers vs. characters in data, relative references)
8.How to VLookup on two or more fields?
9.Where is x function in Excel 2007?
10.How do I determine why spreadsheet is so large?
11. Spreadsheet only allows 65K rows what can I do to go past this limit?
12.How to recover a corrupted Excel Spreadsheet?
13.How do I make VBA code wait x seconds?
14.How do I find the last used cell in a spreadsheet?
15.How to maintain multiple versions of an Excel Spreadsheet
16.How to get next row on filtered data in Excel?
17. How to get unique items in a list using Excel?
18.What does the % character or other characters mean in Excel?
19.What are the most important Excel VBA shortcuts to know?
20.How to get data from the Internet into an Excel spreadsheet?
21.Charting Questions
22.How do I create a status bar? (Estimating completion time)
23.How do I access a database from Excel?
24.How to select a column if a cell is merged?
25.How to detect if autofilters are turned on in Excel? (signoff sheet)
26.Sorting Questions
27.How to sort on category type data?
28.Pivot Table Questions
29.How to keep heading columns from moving in Excel?
30.How to word wrap data in Excel?
31.What is Option Explicit in Excel?
32.What does DoEvents do in Excel VBA?
33.How to automatically run code when Excel file is opened?
34.How to convert a column letter into a column number and vice versa?
35.How to create a new sheet?
36.How to log data to a file from Excel spreadsheet?
37.How to log errors to a sheet with active workbook?
38.How to determine if an Excel sheet exists?
39. How to debug or step through a formula in Excel?
40.How does security work in Excel VBA?
41.How to tell user to Enable Macros in Excel sheet?
42.How to add a hyperlink to an Excel Spreadsheet?
43.How to add hours to a date?
44.How to get rid of ### in a cell?
45.How to get rid of #N/A?
46.How to get rid of #REF
47.How to Concatenate or Combine data in an Excel spreadsheet?
48.How to show Excel Formulas when viewing spreadsheet?
49.How to switch between two or more active Excel spreadsheets?
50.How to hide gridlines?
51.How to hide column and row headers?
52.How to detect how many items are displayed when filters are turned on?
53.What are the most important functions to be familiar with?
54.How to select a column when a merged field exists?
55.How to prevent an infinite loop?
56.How to not hard code columns in VBA?
57.I have a cell that is blank with an if and the blank is showing as a 0, =if(isblank(e5),"",e5) or format as custom number
58.How do I display a message box without the code stopping?
59.How do I two spreadsheets to see the differences?
60.How do I stop VBA code that's running?
61.How to prevent user from pressing ctrl+Break
62.How to password protect an Excel spreadsheet?
63.How to autosort a spreadsheet, ie keep it in a certain order?
64.What does RC format mean?
65.How to prevent code from running the auto_open() routine when opening a spreadsheet in code?
66.I have a cell displaying a formula of =B1+B2 where B1=2 and B2=3 how come it's not displaying 5? formatted as text)
67.How to show two sheets from one spreadsheet at the same time (Window NewWindow) to use conditional format? to use macro with example?
70.How to prevent Macros from Executing when opening a macro? (hold shift key down)
71.What is an Excel Function?
72.What is the syntax for the subtotal function?
73.I entered 3-2 and Excel converted it to Mar-2, how do I stop this behavior?
74.What are the most important shortcuts to know in Excel?
75.How to change row data to column data?
76.Why isn't copying cells working properly?
77.What is paste special
78.What is a hyperlink?
79.What does Fill do?
80.How do I copy a sheet from one workbook to another
81.What is an addin?
82.How to secure my VBA code so no one can steal it?
83.Why isn't find working?
84.How do I find a "?" in Excel?
85.How do I select all
86.What is a current region?
87.How do I select all of the data on a sheet?
88.How to create sheets from a list of items. List has 10 items, 10 sheets to be created.
89.How to set tab color (ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(sCurUP31).Tab.ColorIndex = 4 'Green '')
90.What is a syntax error and how to solve them
91.How to move down one row? (ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select )
92.How to position to the next unfiltered row?
93.How to determine number of rows when filtered?
94.How to run an Excel Formula in VBA? application.evaluate or = [=a1+b1]
95.How to load multiple numbers into one cell and position one on top of the other?
96.How to replace #N/As with blanks?
97.What does the pivot table error mean? (when file name has [ ] in it)
98. In 20 sheets how do I find if there are any columns not wide enough which display ####### (Find All Values #)
99.How do you view 2 sheets from the same workbook at the same time?
100.I have a pivot table, how do I find out where the data is coming from (Wizard, Prev, Named Range was on Hidden sheet)
101.How to understand what a formula is doing in Excel?
102.Why is the Debug button not available (code was deleted in a sheet)
103.Why does debug window keep coming up?
104.Where can I get a free version of Excel (Openoffice)
105.How do you get the number of rows on a sheet? (Cells.rows.count)
106.How to toggle the caption on a button when pressing? (show/hide changes sheet)
107.What to do if you get "Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close" dialog
108.How to create sheets from a list of items? (Sheet name limited to 31 characters)
109.How to count the number of commas in a cell A1? =count(a1)-count(substitute(a1,",",""))
110.How to clear filters w/o removing them?
111.Why don't I see a record when I drop down the filter? (Too many records and the filter doesn't contain all the records)
112.I entered 7/10 and Excel displaye 10-Jul. How do I get Excel to display 7/10/2009?
113.How do you prevent VBA code from overwriting the clipboard?
114.VBA Code not working and I'm going crazy (caused by hidden sheet with same name as other sheet but with a trailing space)
115.How do I get the last row in a spreadsheet? (macro record goto special last cell
116.How to tell what the numerical column of BY is? Options General R1C1 reference style
117.How to remove the crawling ants (moving dashes around cell after cut or copy)? Esc key or vba code Application.CutCopyMode = False
118.How to avoid using the clipboard in VBA and why you should?
119.How to avoid hardcoding sheet columns and why you should?
120.I have a date that looks like an integer 38712, how to make it look like a date? =Text(C2,"mm/dd/yy")
121.How do you do And and Or conditions in an Excel If statement?
122.How do you include new fields in an Existing Pivot table?
123.I'm getting error in Pivot table ... ? cause is [1] vs. (1)
124.How do you view 2 different sheets from the same workbook at the same time?
125.The picture is too large and will be truncated
126.How do you set the color of a cell based on some condition? (use conditional formatting)
127. I have 3 fields Date, category and amount. How do I create pivot?
128. How do I convert a string "01/06/2011" to a date?
129. How to get rid of "Total" line when multiple fields in pivot table?
130.Can you create a chart with 2 axis in Excel
131. How do I do drill-down by double clicking one sheet and showing details on another sheet
132.How do you print labels from Excel
133. Why isn't my Pivot table sorting?
134. How do you do conditional formatting on a row?
135.How do you do an Or in a conditional formatting statement?
136. How do I unhide all the sheets in a workbook?
137. I'm trying to remove a trailing space from a 9 digit number but replacing it with space isn't working?
138. How do I sort a total column in a Pivot Table?
139. How to sum up a list of the absolute values with one formula?
140. To prevent possible loss of data, Excel cannot shift nonblank cells off of the worksheet.
141.Deletion Bug if filtering and no records displayed you can delete all records
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