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I Don't Understand

I realized today that when I don't understand something it's always becuase of a language barier between the speaker or writer and me. I'll use the term speaker in this article but I mean both.

If someone speaks to me in Chinese then I won't understand them because I don't speak the language. For other things I don't understand the terms used by the speaker may be foreign to me but understanding to the speaker.

Today I was reading a paper that had lots of math symbols on it and I didn't get what the writer is saying, I don't understand his language. So either the writer needs to simplify his writing or I need to increase my knowledge on the subject.

It's like trying to do algebra and you can't count or add numbers. There are many prerequisites to understanding.

If you start a new job it is very likely that you won't understand what people are talking about. They'll use many accronyms that you won't have a clue what they're talking about.

I recommend to write down any terms or accronyms you don't understand and update them in some online list system like so that any new people in your company don't have to suffer like you did.

Each time someone uses your definition they can press a Thanks button. This will tell you that you've helped them.
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