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62 Examples of why #Apple Sucks aka Reasons I hate Apple

So many people love Apple. I think Apple sucks. Here of some examples of the frustrations I've run into. You can add an item in field above or make a comment at bottom of page:
1.Syncing iPod and no indication of how long it will take, just says do not disconnect
2.I want to delete a song from my iPod but can't do it, feature doesn't exist
3.I put a CD into my laptop to play and iTunes and it tries to load to my music
4.I uninstall QuickTime and find out afterwards that iTunes doesn't work. I have to uninstall iTunes and then reinstall it
5.I remove QuickTime and then try to start up iTunes and I can't because it requires QuickTime,
6.I try to use Ping an get message "We could not complete your iTunes Store request. An unknown error occurred -50
7.iTunes locks and I have to kill it
8. iTunes help only works if Iím connected to the internet (wtf?)
9.My web page works fine in IE but looks crappy in Safari browser
10.I try to delete a song from iTunes and I can't. I figure out that I'm in a playlist, give me a message saying this
11.I want to create an mp3 from a song on my iTunes but no easy way to do it
12. iPad has many limitations
13.iPod I want to listen to music not books but no way to do this w/o creating playlist
14.iTunes - no way to easily import songs from old computer to new one
15.iTunes - I try to set it to eject after loading cd but couldn't figure it out
16.I put a CD in and iTunes locks up
17.Help screen on iTunes doesn't match the application
18.I go to charge my iPod and I have to restart the shuffle, but I wanted to continue from where I left off
19.I try to sign up as an affiliate but can't find them on the LinkShare website that they send me to
20.My sons iTouch drops on floor and screen cracks, pos.
21.iTunes has funky display (video showing how apple sucks)
22.I Load a CD to upload to itunes while on Twitter and iTunes window pops up. I don't want to see it
23.Can't easily load stuff on my iPod to a new computer I bought
24.I update apple software and after it finishes it checks again if it has to update the software. #wtf I just updated it
25.They sell their computers for twice to three times the price of normal computer
26.Apple Zombies
27.Apple steals iCloud name
28.They don't pay their fare share of taxes
29.I install a CD (Yes some people still use these) and iTunes pops up but I don't want it to
30.iPhone electrocutes person
31.Apple conspires with ebook publishers
32. iPhone Cracks too easily
33.Alleged that they don't pay their workers overtime
34.Their products don't support swype
35.the name I was copied from a printer company
36.when on my mac it always requires an update that iv already done I hate apple
37.when my brother tried to enter my pass code to use it it went to 1 billion minutes has safari a diiferent service that sux
39.iCloud gets hacked and Apple says it's not their fault
40.iPhone 6 bends
41.No apple ain't sucks it still need a better gui because it have all the feture you want but you ain't no
42.Only iphone and other ipods devices need better mechanical work so that it can be use roughly like mac book
43.Can't send email since October, 2014, ever since I did ios8 update!
44.Upgrades constantly screw up apps, wi-fi connections and performance!
45.They don't honor warrantys on mac pro
46.Don't buy Mac pro in FL and expect a warranty claim !!
48.Tried to get YouTube for Peter rabbit for 3 year old grand daughter, and apparently you tube is no longer supported on iPad 1. Apple sucks. Buying her a much less expensive android tablet tomorrow. Shame on apple. Last product I will buy from apple.
49. overpriced
50. overpriced
51. overpriced
52.43. Cheapest MacBook is 900 dollars and only 128GB hard drive, that's just retarded
53.iphone battery died, 80 dollars for apple to fix it, retarded
54.didn't' want to pay apple 80 bucks to replace battery, had to do surgery to my phone to replace battery, retarded
55.iphone cost me 200 bucks and two years crappy AT&T contract, only 16GB stupid memory, retarded
56.when I did surgery to my iphone to replace battery, battery was melted inside my phone, WTF?!
57.have to keep buying iphone chords, they keep breaking no matter what brand
60.43. Apple does not support Adobe flash.
62.Computers have nothing to do with fruit
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