Give People Credit

I just participated in a group meeting at my company where a group of about 7 people discussed how to improve training at our company. I came up with a lot of ideas, that the leader recorded and will distribute to management.  

I'm thinking about these ideas and feeling that I won't get credit for them. The leader who will send out the email will. I realized how it's important to give people credit for what they do.

Some of my ideas were:
  • Make training part of your review and manager's review
  • Have tools available that make it easy to record and publish training programs
  • Change the way reviews are done that disincentive training co-workers because you're graded on a curve where only 20% can get the highest rating
  • Encourage people with skills to offer training in their expertise
  • Hire a consultant to come up with a method to improve training
  • Query the workers as to what the training needs are
  • Pilot project using the tools and methods
  • Have a monthly lunch to announce new training that's available, emails don't work
  • Allocate time per week for training like Google's 20% time
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