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MTB - Market Then Build

MTB or Market Then Build. The idea is very simple and is the opposite of BTM, Build Then Market.  

Most people and businesses will spend most of their time building their product or service and when it's finally ready they'll start to market it.

This is backwards.

You're are 1 million times better off if you Market your product or service first and then build it.

You can do this much cheaper than building it first. Wouldn't it be better to know that your product doesn't stand a chance before you spend too much time and money on it?

Using Google Adwords or other advertising service is the best way. You'll need some web skills to set up the basic website or you could use to set it up.

The idea is to create Ads for the product and see what kind of response you get and to study the demand on the keywords associated with the product.  

What if you spend a million dollars on a product and no one wants it, not a good idea.

When someone clicks on your ad, it should take them to a website that says something like "Our product is not currently available, please send us your email address and we'll get back to you as soon as we can."

This way you can assess the demand for your idea.

To see the best description of this I'd recommend The 4-Hour Workweek
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