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83 Reasons I Love Excel

Ok, I'm a geek and I love Microsoft Excel. I'm not sure why so many people hate it, but here are some of the reasons I love it. Please post a comment if and why you love or hate Excel.
1.Excel helped lose over 30 pounds from the Excel Diet
3. Saving Time
4. Making 6 Figures for knowing it
5.Making work easier
6.Making work less boring
7.Helping with testing
8.Automating player assignments during floor hockey games
9.Helping me triple my investment in the stock market
10.Increases my job security
11.Macro recording
12.Automating twitter
13.Making it easy to automate
14.Improving productivity
15.Sorting data
17.Pivot tables
20.Converting data
21.Finding data
22.Analyzing data
23.Helping to organize ideas
24.Prototyping software development
25.Tracking information for a group at work
26.Jobs from training
27.Money from books on Excel
28.Helped me meet my wife
29.Random stuff
30.Decision Making
32.Asking what if questions
33.Identifying fraud
36.Todo list
37.Monitoring events
38.Extracting data from web
39.Helping me exercise
40.Helping me lose weight
41.Helping me improve
42.Helping prioritize tasks
43.Helped with tracking almost anything
44.Helped with resume
45.Helped practice for job interviews
46.Helped me learn new subject matter faster
50.Tracking gifts from son's bar-mitzvah
51.Helping with taxes
52.Tracking business expenses
53.Helped hedge fund to monitor trading strategy
56.Automating VBE
58.Linking to web content
59.Game development
60.Black Jack simulator
61.Gambling analysis
64.Data collection
65.Interfacing with databases
66.Automating email
67.API Calls
68.Conditional Formatting
69.Named Ranges
70.Goal Seek
71.Formula Auditing
72.Analyzing Trader performance
73.Borders and shading
74.Copy and Fill
75.Grouping and outlining
76.Easy to learn
78.Managing others
80.User defined functions
81.Multiple Sheets
82.Importing and exporting data
83.Organizing anything
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