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The Quickest Way to Increase Your Salary

There are many ways you can try to increase your salary such as:
  • Improving your skills
  • Taking on new responsibilities
  • Asking for a raise
  • Working longer hours

    These may work, but there is one thing you can do right now to get the biggest increase as fast as possible and this is job hopping.

    Job hopping is to keep your current job and look for a higher paying one. Once you get the new job continue the process.

    The idea does work but does come with some risk. While you're at your current job, look for a new job with a higher salary than you currently earn. Apply and get the new job. It should be relatively easy to get a job with an increase up to 10%. You should still interview with a job that isn't a higher salary to give you more practice. Don't stop looking once you got the offer. Use the offer to see if you can get an even better offer by telling interviewer that you've got an offer and for how much. You could also try to get your current employer to meet or beat the offer.

    At one point in my career I got an offer, but continued to interview telling each company about my offers and the amount. My confidence made these companies want me and each made a higher offer than the previous. I got 4 offers and took the highest one.

    While on the new job, go out of the way to do the best you can, by working overtime to get up to speed on the skills you need.

    But keep on looking for a higher paying job. It might pay to stick it out at least 3 months at the new job before looking again.  But keep looking and keep honing your interviewing skills.

    It's not necessarily the one most qualified for a job who gets it, it's the one with the best sales and marketing skills. You need to be very prepared for the interviews you go on from a technical and question answering point of view.

    Remember that the more interviews you go on the better your presentation skills will be. You are selling a product which is you so read up on the best marketing and sales books you can find to help improve your resume and interviewing technique.

    Practice these skills as much as you can. I guarantee the money will come in.

    There is of course some risk with this strategy as you could get fired if your current employer finds out that you're looking for a new job, but there is always risk in life and failure to risk means failure to receive the reward.

    Please leave a comment below as to what you're thoughts or experiences are in job hopping.
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