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Anyone want to get hypnotized?

Here is a demonstration of getting hypnotized. Hypnosis is the power of suggestion. The hypnotist cannot make you do anything you don't want to do.

Read and follow the directions below.
1.First you need to get relaxed
2.Do some deep breathing for about 20 seconds (click link and close window when done)
3.Raise your right arm up and hold it counting from 20 down to 1
4.Bring your arm down
6.Take a deep breath, inhale
10.Relax all your muscles starting with you feet
11.Let all the tension fall into the floor
12.Next move up to your legs and let them relax
13.Keep moving up until you reach the top of your head
14.I want you to yawn 3 times
15.Now, make a tight fists for 5 seconds and then relax
16.I'm going to ask some questions and I want you to answer them by saying YES
17.Are you relaxed?
18.Are you using a computer or phone?
19.Are you human?
20.Now I want you to (click here to continue)
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