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The Job Bible [jb]

1. Competition
2. Text from book
3. Current Job
4. Resume
5. Interviewing
6.Office Politics
8.Your Internet Profile
9.Side Business
10. Email
11.Getting things done when not in charge
12. Managing People
18. Hiring Interterview
19. Review
22.My stories by company/job
23.people I've worked with
24. Getting promoted
25. Job Bible - Book/ws about jobs getting keeping them
26.No respect @w
27.Why am I under the radar
28.Why do people go out for drinks at w and not invite me?
29.See your work through your bosses eyes
30.Guy drums @W
31.How to sell yourself at work
32.Boss's body language
33. Productivity
34.Recruiters and head hunters
36.Keep a list of what people owe you and you owe people and follow up
37. What are your weaknesses
38. Skip Level Meetings
39.Negative Productivity
40. Identify your risks at work
41. Accept all offers you get
44.Be ready to answer Tech Question on your resume
45.Tech Questions
48.Be prepared
49.Watch for subtle messages you give to your manager "I'm smarter than you"
50. Have answers for your boss or suppliers
51. Make someone want to do it
52.Notice employee relationships - who's in meetings with whom? Who has info that no one else has?
53.You pay speaker a compliment when you take notes. (What you have to say is important to me)
54.Examine question your boss asks you for it's subtle or indirect meaning
55.The squeaky wheel gets the grease
56. Goofing off at work
58.When a customer asks you to do something never tell them the reasons it can't be done. Find a way to get it done.
59.Tortoise and the hare
60.Stop giving input to boss if you're saying in a subtle way "you're stupid", praise his ideas.
61.Mirror check before interview
62. Watch what you say to co-workers. They may repeat what you say to another co-worker
63.How productive are you during the day? What could you do to increase productivity
64. End of Year
65.Have a Job Security plan
66.What would I do today if I knew I was getting laid off in 6 months?
67.Know your suppliers and customers
68.Miscommunication can get you fired
69.If boss asks you for something don't make excuses just get it done. Don't blame, just get it done.
70. Keep a Work Journal
71.Always say "Thank you" and "Great Job" if it was one
72.Now that it's over what could you have done differenlty?
73. What's the difference between early and late binding?
74. Describe events?
75.At new job, existing workers will be threatened by you
76.Test your work better before sending out
77.Email reminder macro
78.Use spelling tests on your sheet
79.If you work for a fund or company that's doing bad, your job security has gone down
80. Wearing headphones at work
81. How to get someone to document their process?
82.If users says X is wrong, don't argue, just check it
83.Order names in alphabetical order in an email to not piss someone off unless you want to piss them off
84.Set expectations
85.Don't condemn, criticize or complain
86.Be careful about who you bad-mouth to who. You never know if they will tell the person
87.There's truth in jest
88.What is Job Security?
89.Why do you want job security?
90.What increases job security, decreases it?
91.What is the purpose of job security?
92.What is the job security of your current job? You vs. coworkers, productivity, skills.
93.What is the job security of your industry?
94.What's your value to your company?
95.Are you a cost or profit?
96.Recession & your job security
98.Work ethic. Hours, goofing off/web-surfing
99.How long can you be w/o work?
100.How long will it take to find a new job?
101.Getting a new job
102.Likes and dislikes of current job
103.Unemployment rate as a variable
105.You as a product
106.What are your benefits?
107.Your resume
108.What are your bosses' unwritten rules?
109.Supply and demand in your industry?
110.Can your job be outsourced?
111.Can you create a business around outsourcing?
112.How long to get a new job?
113.How much are your skills in need?
115. Questions to ask your interviewer - Harvey B. Mackay
116. Resume Notes

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