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26 Acronyms to reach your goals

1.MIT - Most Important Task
2.ALED - A Little Each Day
3.FTAD - Finish Then Add Details
4.MTB - Market Then Build
5.MK$ - Make Money
6.10/20/30 - 10 Slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font (Guy Kawasaki)
7.GPFA - Goals, Plan, Follow, Adjust
8.BYT - Balance Your Time
9.OTMP - Optimize The Main Path
10.80/20 - Paretto's 80-20 rule
11.ET - Egg Timer
12.OOS - Odds Of Success
13.OB - Overt Benefit (Doug Hall - Jump Start Your Business Brain)
14.DD - Dramatic Difference (Doug Hall - Jump Start Your Business Brain)
15.RRTB - Real Reason To Believe (Doug Hall - Jump Start Your Business Brain)
16.WULM - Wait Until Last Minute (will help you not reach your goals)
17.MYOB - My Own Busines
18.DWUL - Do What You Love
19.<is> - Less is More
20.!4$ - Bang For Buck
21.KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
22.I2$ - Idea to Money
23.FUD WUD UG WUG - iF yoU Do What yoU've Done yoU Get What yoU Got
24.MEAT - Measure, Enter, Adjust, Talk (from
25.OOGLO - Odds of Getting Laid Off
26.W<160 - Weigh Less Than 160 lbs.

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