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Why you don't reach your goals?

Think of the letter h.

The vertical line represents from the bottom to the top to reach your goal.

The curved line represents going from the bottom making progress and landing back where you started.

Think about throwing a ball up in the air and it makes a curved trajectory. This is caused by gravity which pulls the ball back down to its starting point. If you want the ball to leave the earth you must do one of two things:
1. Throw it hard enough so that it overcomes the pull of gravity
2. Reduce or eliminate the force pulling it back to earth

So now your goal is to identify the force or forces that's pulling you back or preventing you from reaching your goals.

Some of the reasons my goals have failed are:
  • Goal is too big
  • Got bored with goal
  • Got distracted with too many other goals, losing focus
  • Subconsciously knew that goal was unreachable
  • Fear
  • Not doing GPFA, Goal, Plan, Follow, Adjust
  • Not believing in idea enough
  • Not wanting the goal enough

    What are the forces that are preventing you from reaching your goal?

    How can you either overcome them or eliminate them?

    Post your responses below.
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