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Trip to New York City on Thursday April 21, 2011

1.Train into #NYC to Penn Station 34th and Eighth Ave
2.Train expensive $49.50 for 3 people off-peak round trip
3.Buy tickets at booth to save $
4.Saw Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden
5.Walk up Eighth Ave and stop at White Castle for lunch around 36th Street
6.Walk up to 42nd street and then over to 7th Ave. to walk through Times Square
7.Don't see Naked Cowboy in Times Square
8.Stop at Tkts booth for Blue Man Group tube tickets
9.Tickets don't go on sale until 3 pm and it's only 2 pm
10.Walk up 7th to 59th Street then over to Columbus Circle to the Mall
11.Went up to 7th floor for some beautiful views of Central Park
12.Used bathroom at mall, very clean and cool TV in mirror
13.Tried to get in to Trump Hotel next door but there was nothing to see
14.Continued up Central Park West and entered park around 62nd street
15.Walked through park and sat on benches for a rest
16.Watched horse drawn carriages go by, but smelled liked horse manure
17.Continued through the park
18.Saw Wollman skating rink was empty
19.Boys climb on rocks, 13 and 14 yr old
20.Continue through park passing Central Park Zoo entrance
21.Long line to enter the zoo. Lots of Hasidic Jews waiting to enter
22.Continue walking to Dylan's Candy shop on 60th and 3rd Ave.
23.Place is a mob scene
24.Buy $25 in candy. They're charging $12.99 a lb. Wow should open a candy shop in NY. What a $ maker
25.Rest and eat candy in front of California Pizza Kitchen on 60th street right next door
26.Pass the ice cream shop Serendipity's on 60th street and the place is mobbed
27.Go to the Roosevelt Island Tram and take tram to the Island, cost of a subway fare
28.Tram arrives in Roosevelt Island w/o spotting any Green Goblins
29.Walk to information booth and friendly woman says hello
30.I ask what's good to see on the island and she says to take bus for $0.25 to lighthouse
31.I grab a map and we wait for bus
32.Red bus arrives and we hop on
33.Bus driver is very nice and lets the boys on for free
34.Second stop on bus and lots of people get on. I notice F train sign
35.Bus arrives at final stop
36.I ask bus driver where the lighthouse is and he instructs us to walk up the path.
37.We walk but aren't sure that there is a lighthouse there
38.Finally arrive at lighthouse, must be the smallest one I've ever seen
39.Walk back to bus stop
40.Get off bus and take F train to 14 street with plans to continue to Union Square park
41.Arrive at 14th street and realize we are too far from the park
42.We decide to head to John's Pizzeria on Bleecker
43.As we walk down we pass the 4th street basketball court and watch a game in progress
44.Then head towards Pizza shop
45.Stop in at Bleeker Records
46.See an album I want but $18.99 price stops me from buying it
47.Continue to John's Pizza around 6 pm on Thursday and I'm surprised there are seats
48.We sit in booth
49.John's Pizzeria has graffiti (scratched names) into the furniture, I could see how some might not like it because of this
50.We order a pitcher of Beer and a pitcher of 7up and two pies
51.Pizza is delicious. I had meatball and onion. For four people bill comes $63.00
52.We finish up and upon leaving notice a long line outside
53.We stop in bookbook where I buy Stumbling on Happiness
54.Look to take cab back to Penn Station but none available
55.Take E train from W 4th street to Penn Station
56.Pay the Peak surcharge of $4 per ticket on train
57.Arrive at station
58.Walk to car in parking lot
59.Drive home

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