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My Time is more Valuable than Yours

I have a friend, I'll call him Jeff, not his real name it's Jeffrey. He's a nice guy and I enjoy doing stuff with him, but one of the annoying things he does is treat his time as more valuable than mine.

We usually meet for lunch and it always goes the same way. We speak on the phone and he says "call me when you're at my building."   I walk to his office which is 5 minutes of my time. I call him and I often have to wait another 5 minutes for him to get downstairs.

The other day we were meeting for lunch and I needed cash and knew there was a cash machine in his building so I called when I got to the ATM, and I was able to get cash and still be there before him.

This pisses me off, because my time is valuable too.  Jeff's lucky that I don't have that many lunch buddies, so I put up with it.

The best solution that I've come up with is to call when I leave my building and tell him I'm just about there, so that the 5 minutes I walk gives him time to get downstairs.

Have you had similar situations to this with "late people" and how did you handle it?
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