What is a File Suffix

A file suffix is the ending of a file name. For Microsoft Windows this is usually 3 characters long and for some reason they are hidden by default. Now there are 4 character suffixes that are similar to a 3 character with an x appended.

The file suffix on the web page is "asp" which stands for Active Server Pages. This is Microsoft based technology to help you create dynamic web pages.

Some of the most common file suffixes you will run into are:
  • doc - Microsoft Word DOCument
  • htm - HyperText Markup language
  • txt - TeXT file
  • xls - eXceL Spreadsheet
  • exe - EXEcutable file
  • eml - EMaiL file
  • mdb - Microsoft access DataBase
  • avi - Advanced VIdeo
  • jpg - Joint Picture Group
  • gif - graphical interchange format
  • zip - zip or compressed file
  • ppt - power point file
  • wav - sound file
  • xml - eXtended Markup Language
  • ico - ICOn file

    4 Character

  • docx - Word 2007 and after
  • xlsx - Excel 2007 and after no macros
  • xlsm - Excel 2007 and after with macros
  • aspx - .Net file

    File Associations

    In Microsoft Windows when you click the file the system will open the program the file is associated with. You can see these on the Control Panel - Programs - Associate a file type ... or Default Programs - Set Associations
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