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27 Things I Love About the Beach

1.Water up your nose
2.Jelly fish
3.Sand in your shoes
4.Sand in your car
5.Getting dunked by a big wave
6.Finding a parking spot
7.Carrying all that stuff
8.The close by bathrooms
9.The guy playing his loud radio next to me
11.Sand in your Sandwich
12.Walking on hot sand
13.Getting sand in my laptop
14.Stepping on sharp shells
15.Getting crapped on by a seagull
16.Getting pulled out by the life guard
18.Video games
20.Sitting in traffic to get there
21.The Cost
22.The medical sludge
23.Someone next to you is shaking out their towel of sand
24.Sitting in that wet bathing suit all day
26.Snack bar prices
27.My wife telling me it's time to go just as I start to enjoy it

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