21 Jobs that have been eliminated in US

1.Bank teller - ATM Machines
2.Secretaries - Voice Mail
3.Cashier - Automatic checkout
4.Customer Service Rep
5.411 Operator - Automated/Google
6.Book Stores -
7.Classified Ads - Craig's List
8.Newspapers - Internet
9.Camera Store - Digital Photography
10.Receptionist - Phone
11.Tool booth clerk - EZ Pass
12.Encylcopedias - Wikipedia
13.Manufacturing Jobs - China
14.Software Jobs - India
15.Gas Station Attendent - Self Service Gas
16.Construction - Day Laborers
17.Parking attendants - Automated Gates and Money machines
18.Bell Hops - rolling lugage
19.Salesperson - Best Buy/Apple type vending machines
20.Travel agent - Internet
21.Cashier - self checkout CVS
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