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How to Accomplish Difficult Tasks

Yesterday, I was late for the train. My walk takes about an hour and I only had 55 minutes.

I knew I needed to run part of the way to make up the 5 minutes but I carry a 20 pound knapsack which makes it difficult to run. Plus I haven't run in a while.

So instead of running the whole way I decide to run 1 block and walk the next and keep doing this.

Now it's not easy to run with such a heavy knapsack, so I decide to run 20 feet to the next tree. As I approach the tree, I think to myself "Can I run 20 feet to the next tree?" It's not that hard so I'm able to continue until I've run a block.

The key here was to set a small reachable goal and as I reach it, to set another and another. It made the more difficult goal easier to reach.

See if you can find ways in your life to accomplish difficult goals by creating an easy to reach goal and repeating the process.
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