Excel Exercise with Gridlines hint 1

It is so important that you try to figure it out without any help. What if I told you there was a million dollars hidden in your house somewhere, would you find it?  I bet you would.

Now, looking for gridlines is like looking for a million dollars. If you acquire the skill of being able to figure things out yourself, you could earn $100,000 per year, so in 10 years that's a million dollars.

You have one advantage in that you're looking for something you know is there. If I told you there might not be a way to turn off the gridlines you'd probably give up much quicker than if you knew there was a way.

So hint #1 is Try Anything.

Take at least ten minutes to explore Excel. Some things you could try are:
  • Using the mouse to click
  • Pressing menus

    Search Excel as if you were searching for a million dollars.

    Don't ask anyone for help here. Don't look it up in Google yet or check Excel's help.

    If you figured it out without cheating, congratulations. If not there's nothing to be ashamed of, it's the activity of trying that's important. So here is hint #2.
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