How Could Sony Headphones Cost $9.99

I just bought Sony headphones for $9.99 and thought about the cheap cost of this. It is amazing to me that this headphone probably came from China on a boat.

The components alone had to be made or found:
  • magnets
  • wire
  • rubber coating
  • plastic earpieces
  • speakers
  • metal plug

    The components had to be assembled, ordered, shipped, designed.

    The headphones were packaged in that impossible to open plastic, with instructions on how to use them in about 5 different languages.

    They have great sound and actually lasted pretty long.

    How is it possible that this costs only $9.99?

    The only answer I could come up with is Capitalism and they must make millions and millions of these.

    How about all the people that make money on this?
  • Sony
  • Staples
  • Shipper
  • Employees
  • Component manufacturer
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