Good Sportsmanship can Lose Games

Yesterday, my floor hockey team was blowing out the opponent, up 6 - 0 and the other team didn't appear to have a chance. Now, for some reason the league doesn't like blowouts. So I usually tell the team not to score once we're up by 6 goals. You'd think this would be enough. The other team could barely get a shot off.

My goalie was playing well also. So I instructed the kids to pass the puck and not to shoot. Well let me tell you what happened. The other team started to score. Pretty soon the score was 8 - 8. I wasn't a happy puppy.  The other team had a player that was a lot bigger than the kids on my team. He scored 9 goals.

We wound up winning the game 13 - 11. But the lesson I take away from this is I'd rather blow out the other team then risk losing a game like this. This is especially true if your goalie is weak or the other team has an extremely good player. Next time up by 8 goals and then the team will slow down.
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