1.I've appeared on the radio on WOR 710 in New York discussing a website I had created
2.I've assisted a friend get over 60,000 followers on twitter through software automation
3.Worked on one of the first Home Banking systems called Pronto
4.Mentioned in preface of Optimal Trading Strategies by Robert Kissell
5.Road a bicycle 210 miles in 18 hours in Central Park in Pepsi Bike Marathon and received a Team silver medal
6.Coached team to winning Floor hockey championship
7.Played on ice hockey team that won champioship
8.Walked from Barclay's Center in Brooklyn to Madison Square Garden in one day
9.Played for my college Ice Hockey team
10.Bought a book "Margin of Safety" for $0.25 and sold it for $695.00
11.Can juggle 3, 4 and learning 5 balls
12.Turned investment of $3,000 into $12,000 over 3 years with trading strategy I found
13.Co-creator and developer of
14.Skipped 8th grade
15.Number 1 player on public school chess team
16.Made Bronx High School of Science
17.Parent of child who made it to Cornell University
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