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Let's Waste Money and Build a Wall in Hicksville

In Hicksville, New York, in the Town of Oyster Bay, a wall was built. I think that it was in built around 2009. This wall was to prevent people from crossing outside of the crosswalk.  I would guess that this wall must have cost at least $10,000 to put in and I've yet to see someone use the cross-walk.

Every day on my walk from the parking lot to the train I'm reminded how stupid people are. When it's raining or snowing I use to be able to walk under the elevated train tracks and not get wet, but not any more. The wall prevents me from staying dry and makes it more likely that someone will slip.

There also use to be a curb that could protect a pedestrian from getting hit by a car but when they built the wall they took down the curb.

I would love to see the planning that went into this great idea (sarcasm). Who's idea was it? Who got paid for doing it?

Here is a Google Map of the Crosswalk. Note how far it is from where people previously walked.

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