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170 ways to increase Productivity [pr]

1.30 minute Egg timer
2. Save time
3. Having 2 things to work on and being able to switch easily
4.Working on what you love
5.Time balancing
6. Use Shortcuts/keyboard
7.Increase testing productivity via checklists and previous mistakes made
8.< Time
9.> done
10.> done < time
13.Rules that help
15.Unanticipated side-effects
20.A little each day
21.Reduce steps
22.Reduce distance
23.Reduce Redundancies
24.FTAD - Finish Then Add Detaiils
25.MTB - Market Then Build
26.Parreto's 80/20 Law
27.Parkinson's Law Work fills the time allocated to a task
28.Do small tasks ahead of big tasks
29.Work on your MIT (Most Important Task)
30.Using mouse is unproductive
31.Use Enter key instead of mouse
32.Software Reuse
33.Too much moving mouse reduces productivity (scrollbars)
35.Scroll bar is bad as the time it takes to move mouse to it and move scroll bar is time consuming
36.Efficiency Expert
37.People late for conference call or meeting reduces productivity
39.People like the environment
40.Reduce interuptions and distractions to increase productivity
41.Use shortcuts in word via autocorrection logic
42.Shift+Delete deleted permanently from outlook
43.Learn to use Macros
44.Do small tasks ahead of large tasks
45.Don't wait for last minute, FTAD now
46.Ignore the unimportant - 4h
47.scrollbars slow you down when using mouse
48.Any time you need to use the mouse reduces your productivity,
49.Stop Watch is a productivity tool
50.Test on small datasets to reduce run time
51.Use Dual Monitors or more to increase productivity
52.Get an ear piece for phone
53.Speaker phone
54.Using Speed dial
55.Distance to water, coffee, bathroom affects pr
56.Cleanliness of br
57. Macro and shortcut ctrl+shift+t to load clipboard to spreadsheet and format it
58.Bad habits can reduce productivity and make it hard to increase it
59.IE Home key Alt+M
60.Minimize a window Alt+Space+n
61.Go to an IE tab Ctrl+Tab
62.Close a window Alt+F4
63.Save a file Ctrl+S
64.Why is your process slow? How long is my wait? What is it doing?
65.Do short tasks ahead of long tasks
66.Break long tasks into short tasks
67.Organize things int 7+/-2 items
68.Be notified when a long task completes so you don't have to check it over and over
69.Macro Recorder facility increase productivity
70.Good Syntax checker in VBA increases producvitiy (but not in asp)
71.Good debugger in vba inc pr
72.Write Article/Book/Website to increasing ur pr
73.Solve Root Cause Issues
74.Tools that enhance productivity
75.Software Repositiory
76.Eliminate redundancies
77.Automate ftping a file I've modified to the server
78.Being able to switch focus to a new task while waiting for other task to complete
79.Noisy environment reduces productivity by distracting
80.Not having to monitor but to be told when a long task completes
81.Run ASP locally on laptop and do development there instead of on server
82.Find way to debug asp if needed
83.CDA - Consistent Daily Actions
84.It's hard to get started, but easy to continue. It's hard to switch once started
85.Poor error message "Error handling Columns" just missing a "Go" in sql costs me at least 1.5 hours
86.Time balance
87.Increase your reading speed to save time
88.Speed up slow processes to save time
89.Have clear prioirities
90.< time in wasteful tasks like meetings
91.< interuptions
92.Give developers ability to do stuff and not have to rely on DBA's what a fwot (F@#ken Waste of Time)
93.Never seem to have permissions to tables I need even in UAT and this happens too often
94.Deal better with cases when you have to wait for someone (Giving me permission to a table)
95.Lack of indexes wastes time
96.While testing use very small datasets to speed up your testing
97.Use a debugger to find syntax and logic errors
98.Regression tests
99.Getting Started @W at beg of day
100. bat files
101.Use tools from Google
102.Use a debugger
104.Start up time
105.Have multiple tasks to work on and work on another task while waiting for a long job to complete
106.Always have 2 things to do so if your waiting for something you can do the other thing while waiting
107.Sticky applications
108.Track Useful vs. Unuseful emails and reduce them
109.(-) PR waiting, slow, hung
111.(-) pr outlook box is full
112.(-) PR Slow computer, slow search, loss of data, hard to find information
113.Autoclose windows
117. Excel Shortcut Keys
118.(x) button in Excel and Outlook
119.Zone bar lunch
120.Spend $ 2 sv time
121.Have a CPO (Chief Productivity Officer)
123.People that work together in same office
124.Good training
125.Documented processes like databases
126.Open Source
128.Using keyboard instead of mouse
129.360 Reviews
130.Firing fast hiring slow
131.Skilled people
132.Good Pay
134.Fun @W
135.Good indexes on databases
137.Reduce Interruptions
138.Faster Computers
139.Software that doesn''t hang
140.Quiet environment
141.Lack of bureaucracy
142.Eliminate emails that aren''t for you
143.Use keyboard instead of mouse
144.Make queries run faster and reduce wait time
145.Eliminate distraction
146.Reduce time to get coffee/caffeine/lunch
147.Reduce work frustrations
148.Reduce people that reduce productivity
149.Reduce timezone issues
151.bat file
152.Google Desktop
153.Google Docs
155.Outlook Warning before Sending data
156.Computer Use Cases
158.macros save time
159.Finding files on your computer
160.I don't like mice, both computer and Mickey variety. Mice cause disease of low productivity, use your keyboard today
161.losing files - dbartisen crashes
162.Have a task to do while waiting for queries/reports to complete
163.Open report after report completes (fewer steps)
164.Will writing on card earn $ or waste time
165. How to change the calc calculator key to disable or open another program
166.Reduce the spam you have to look at
167.Dos Find command
168.Assign 1 or 2 tasks at a time. 2 many tasks crashes a computer.
169.Eliminate before delegating
170.T. Ferriss cd 3x

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