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29 Questions to Answer on the Website

1.What's the name of the website?
2.Describe the website in one sentence.
3.What is the purpose of the site?
4.Size of the Site (small, med, large)
5.What website would you like it to look like?
6.How many pages?
7.Do you have an existing site or is this a brand new site?
8.What is the goal of the site?
9.What is your budget for the site?
10.What are the things people will do on the site?
11.What are the keywords for the site?
12.What are the functions the site should do and in what order?
13.What is the expected usage of the site? How many people and how often?
14.What's the description to appear in google?
15.What will the website do?
16.Do you have a business plan?
17.What is your email address
18.What is your phone number?
19.How often will the website be modified and by who?
20.Do you have a web host or will you use ours?
21.Do you have any existing websites?
22.What's the website's tag line
23.Can you send us any information via email on the site?
24.Are there any deadlines involved?
25.Who are the users of the site?
26.How will users find out about your site?
27.What's the Overt Benefit of the website?
28.What's the Real Reason To Believe that this website can deliver this benefit?
29.What's the Dramatic Difference between this website and the competition?

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