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Why Isn't #NHL #Hockey as Popular as #Football?

by @AlecBerg 3/11/2012

Football is the number one sport in America. Think how popular the Super Bowl is. How could hockey be as popular as football?

Football has high scoring games, like 41 - 30. In hockey the scoring is too low. 1 - 0, 3 - 2, 4 - 1, just doesn't sound that exciting.

Hockey can increase the scoring by making each goal worth 6 points, like football. Then make an extra point where the player has to shoot puck over cross bar from the blue line for 1 point or score a shootout for 2 points. So now that 3 - 2 game is 21 - 14.

Play 4 on 4 for the whole game and not just overtime. Currently 5 on 5 reduces goal scoring. In overtime we play 4 on 4 to make it easier to score. The players are too big and fast. I'd say make the rinks bigger but it would be impractical and cost too much.

Eliminate shot blocking. Blocking shots means less scoring so let's eliminate it.

Make the butterfly illegal. Goalies on the ice make it practically impossible to score when close into the net.

Instead of making a team shorthanded during a penalty, make them skate with their skate guards on for two minutes.

Make all foreign hockey players use American names. The names of hockey players are too weird. Here is a sample of how they could sound:
  • Pekka - Pete Rinne
  • Evgeni - Eugene Malkin
  • Claude - Clark Girard
  • Jaroslav - Jared Halak
  • Ilya - Ira Kovalchuk
  • Radim - Randal Verbota
  • Pavel - Pete Datslick
  • Valtteri - Vern Filipe
  • Johan - Joe Franzen
  • Teemu - Terry Salerno
  • Zdeno - Zach Chara
  • Alexandre - Alex Burrows
  • Mikhail - Mike Grabosky
  • Kimmo - Kyle Timonen
  • Anze  - Andy Kopitar
  • Olli - Oliver Yokinen
  • Mikko - Mike Koval

    Eliminate helmets. Helmets cause injuries and make players unrecognizable. Just don't allow stick lifts which cause most injuries to the face.

    Give the Home team more advantages. Make the ice on a slight slope and let the home team play downhill and the away team play uphill.

    Give a team 1 extra point if they score 5 goals in a game. This will force teams to be more offensive.

    Eliminate the dump in. Dumping the puck is boring pass it or stickhandle it.

    If you have more ideas then

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