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Office 2010 Screws My Computer Up

Apr. 3, 2012

I just installed Office 2010 to my computer and guess what? My Office 2003 and 2007 are no longer working. F@#K

I hate when this happens. Since I'm a software developer I need all 3 versions on my computer. After installing 2010, Outlook stopped working.  

I've wasted probable 3 - 4 hours trying to resolve the issue.

I tried repairing the older versions but that didn't work either.

Then Office shows me the green status bar that's not moving and no indication of how long it will take. It's no wonder Google and Apple are blowing Microsoft out of the water.

Why Microsoft can give a better status bar is beyond me. Tell me that the installation will be finished in 23 minutes and I'll go take a shower and come back.

Another thing that pissed me off was Microsoft made me late for work the other day. I turned on my computer in the morning and it said installing 1 of 33 do not turn off computer. But, software didn't ask me, just did it. So late for work.
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