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2012-05-05 Job Hiring idea

Resume comes in

Feed it to Resume Analyzer which puts out a rating

Resume must be >= to some rating

Person is Interviewed and a rating comes out of the interview

What Skills are needed to do the Job?
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Typing
  • Can follow directions
  • Figure things out
  • Problem solving
  • Learning
  • Doesn't quit or give up
  • Spend long time in front of computer

    What Qualities don't I want?
  • Complainers
  • Makes excuses
  • On phone
  • Lazy
  • Doesn't care
  • Crazy
  • Bad Judgement

    Look at k2s and r4f lists and see if you can incorporate q's from it.

    Assess Other Qualities
  • Likes what they'll be doing
  • Ability to get a long with other team members
  • Done it before successfully
  • Will make us look good?
  • Will not make us look bad?
  • Will increase productivity and make my job easier
  • Will have fun working with them?
  • Can they work in a support role?
  • Won't be designing systems.

    Use Cases
    • Define Job Description
      • What will they be doing?
      • What's a typical day?
      • What's good and bad about the job?
      • What's good and bad about the co?
    • Resume Analyzer
    • Define Job skills needed
    • Define Interview Questions
    • Assess current tech skills
    Resume Analyzer
  • Company quality
  • Avg time per job
  • Resume gaps
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