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45 Ways I use [ul]

1.Quickly fix or change web content
2.Tracking things
3.List of things to tweet
4.Create content based on other websites
5.Write a book
6.Create a list of links
7.To-do list
8.Shopping List
9.Create Websites
10.To check if my Library books are overdue
11.To go to my webhost
12.Book Summary List
13.List of companies that advertise during hockey games
14.Shuffle a list
15.Write Articles
16.Monitor website
17. Create a video page with Youtube
18.Extract Links from a webpage
19.Create a Greatest Songs List
20.Create a glossary with A - Z index
21.Create an Online List
22.Time Balancing
23.Quickly update/record list of Ideas
24.Run a program
25.Document Software
26.Created website
27.Track my weight
28.List of questions I'd like to answer
29.List of interview questions
30.List of websites to check out
31.To do list at work
32.l,better security with xyzzy string, maybe change daily
33.Created website
34.Created website
35.Created Website
36.Created website
37.go to Godaddy by entering "go"
38.Tweet a list
39.Store a recipe
40.Create a diary
41.Track software bugs
42.Create a plan using listi
43.List of use cases
44.Helped me create a page that analyzes a hockey goal
45.List of negative words and positive words

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